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Malwarebytes – Adware Removal Tool – Free

If your web browsers are suffering from ads or non-stop pop-ups on sites where they should not appear, Malwarebytes (formerly AdwareMedic) should help you solve that problem. If you are prevented from accessing the site, turn off JavaScript in your web browser or restart the computer in safe mode to download the app, or download it on another computer, or try the manual removal instructions in the Adware Removal Guide.

Is your Web Browser going crazy? Lots of pop-ups and pop unders? Dozens of links appearing everywhere? Malwarebytes – Adware Removal Tool is an application designed to remove all known Mac adware. No mac is immune – If you stream movies and TV series you need to check for ADWARE regularly.
Go to: Malwarebytes where you can download the link to the tool. Works with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above.

Originally called Adware removal Tool. Later updated to AdwareMedic found originally on this site: The Safe

MacKeeper (from Hell) Update:

If you have MacKeeper on your Mac it should be uninstalled and never be used again. The company behind it has shown a long history of unethical behavior, and the software isn’t worthwhile. If you have it installed, you should remove it immediately. Those who have MacKeeper installed have a new, and very serious, reason to remove the software as soon as possible! To do so, follow the instructions on Phil Stokes’ page on removing MacKeeper, or use his DetectX app to find and remove all components of MacKeeper automatically. MacKeeper is kill-on-sight-ware as is CleanMyMac, TuneupMyMac, CleanMyDrive, K9-MacOptimizer and others.

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Malwarebytes para Mac explora rápidamente su Macintosh para verificar si tiene adware y, con un clic, lo quitas. Además, el app ofrece información sobre cómo proceder si usted continúa teniendo problemas de adware. Si mires pelis y series de TV es MUY probable que ya tienes uno o mas tipos de adware. Sugiero hacer una comprobación cada vez que utilizas streaming de vídeo desde su navegador. Funciona con OS X 10.7 para arriba.

Quita todo el adware conocido de su Mac. Es muy simple de utilizar, y funciona en segundos!

Malwarebytes es un app: no instalará nada en tu Mac (excepto la aplicación). Cuando se abre Malwarebytes descargará el adware más reciente.

Si tiene MacKeeper instalado en tu mac: Hay que desinstalarlo immediatemente. Este software no sirve para nada y la empresa que lo distribuye es poco ético. Si no te deja desinstalar, contacta conmigo.