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Installation and replacement of Hard Drives for all Mac models.

Unfortunately  Apple Genius Bar employees they have extensive knowledge of Apple products but can’t answer all your technical questions. In fact, Geniuses have been known to wipe out entire email accounts! Want to speak to a real Mac Technician? Give us a call today!

  • Ram for your Mac
  • External storage solutions
  • Backup Systems
  • Install your old mac drive in an inexpensive USB or firewire case
  • Replace DVD burners inexpensively with an internal or external drive
  • Network you Mac and PCs: Solutions for ADSL, WiFi and cabled networks
  • Let an expert fin-tune your Mac. It will run faster!
  • Connect your Mac and PC
  • All your Macs and PCs printers and scanners can be networked together
  • Protect your data with a backup solution – made to order
  • Retrieve and salvage data from dying drives of all types – portable and full size internal and external drives, USB thumb drives, flash cards etc.
  • You CAN run Windows apps in Windows 7 on your Mac
  • If something on your Mac isn’t running right, we can fix it – Troubleshooting Expert